Four Traits of an Effective Communicator

1. Empathetic

Sometimes we forget that we come from different backgrounds with different values. Try to remember that the other person might see things differently for a reason and be mindful about how you go about expressing your points.

2. Honest

When you aren’t familiar about something or you don’t understand, just say so! Honesty will promote trust among the other speakers and increase your chances of clarity and comprehension.

4. Patient

Sometimes we don’t always see “eye to eye”, but that’s no reason to get upset! Take deep breaths and slow down your speech to positively reach a conclusion or even a stalemate. Try expressing yourself in a different way if the first explanation isn’t clear for the other person.

5. Open-Minded

Try not to speak only to be heard. Begin any conversation with the intention of trying to learn something new; a new perspective, mentality, or concept could possibly expand your own thoughts or way of life!

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