About Me

Hey there! My name is Kayla Angstadt and I’m actually obsessed with adventuring. I absolutely love experiencing life to the fullest and pushing myself way outside my comfort zone. I love exploring but I also have an incredible love for teaching. While I’m outrageously passionate about creating my own memorable life experiences, I’m sometimes even more enthusiastic about helping others create their own.

I want to see a world where all individuals have the ability to make the best of their life, whatever that personal definition may be. Where they have an open mind to new experiences and conversations, leading them to advocate for others, stand up for basic human rights, and make changes in their communities for the better.

In 2014, I started a non-profit called Cross Cultural Connect and this past 2 years it’s been growing more than ever. We connect schools around the world of different socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures; fostering empathy and understanding by allowing students to see the world through the eyes of another much like them.

This is how I choose to pay it forward, to help others grow and see this life through a different lens, ideally creating a more open-minded, patient, and self-aware generation. I will be sharing a menagerie of some tips and thoughts for ALL things I enjoy from traveling, adventuring, teaching, mindfulness, effective communication, global citizenship, and more.

As an adventurer, I want to live this life to the fullest. As a teacher, I want others to do the same. As a global citizen, I want everyone in the world to be proud of their individuality while at the same time, be the voice for others who still lack access to education, freedom of speech, and basic human rights.