Sleeping on Eggshells

Well, after my survival weekend in the jungle, I thought it would be a good idea to take it easy for the week. So, I worked on banana farm and slept in a room full of eggs.

imageMonday was spent with Minor and his daughter, Tess, at their banana farm. There, we first unloaded all of the pipa compost out of the truck. Tess and I then proceeded to walk down the road to load crates of banana on the back as Minor drove his 1980 pick up truck down the bumpy road.

To past the time, Tess and I began racing each other to the next load of crates. The sun was shining, the day was beautiful and it felt like the The Beach Boys or some other corny peppy music should have been playing as we laughed and ran down the hill. Then all of a sudden, I hear a dainty scream from behind me. I look back at Tess who has began running in the other direction. About 4 feet away from me to my left, was a 3 and a half foot snake. Whoops.

Crates of bananas to be loaded for sale
Crates of bananas to be loaded for sale

After loading banana crates, collecting guavas in our shirts and uprooting yucca using machetes and brute strength, we retired to the house for dinner and some English lessons for Tess. It was a beautiful day well spent in the country side.

Around 6 o’clock, I was picked up by an old American friend. Marty and his wife Mayra own a chicken farm that is one of the top ten best egg farms in the entire country. Marty took me to his beautiful house where he graciously allowed me to sleep in his spare room. In exchange,I provided some motivational support for his son who is currently being home schooled through an online program. If I was 13 and living in Costa Rica, I think I’d have some trouble studying too.

My room of eggs for the next few days
My room of eggs for the next few days


But with a really great view!
But with a really great view!

Tuesday involved selling pipas and making connections. I actually ended going to Tess’s school who has an English program in search of teachers interested in CCConnect. Not only did I find interested teachers, I found an interview for the position of Head of the Elementary English program which will be held next week!

Walk to the waterfall
Walk to the waterfall

On Wednesday, I traveled to los cataratas Aquíarres with a close friend. It started by a beautiful walk through a coffee plantation at the most north end of town. We walked for about a half hour, discussing kayaking and life pursuits. When we finally made it to the river, we stepped out of the woods and peered out to an 80 foot waterfall.

Los cateratas Aquiarres
Los cateratas Aquiarres

Once we trudged up the trail to the very top, we spent the afternoon sliding down the natural rock waterside, swimming, scrambling around the rocks for the best view of the valley and speaking non-stop in Spanish. This day was one of the first days I felt like I’ve truly obtained a higher level of fluency. My friend only speaks “farm” Spanish, which when we first met, made it extremely hard to communicate. But the day was tan tranquillo and it felt great to finally focus on perfecting my Spanish by just making general conversation with a splendid and very patient individual.

Seems like a pretty good spot! Turrialba volcano in the distance
Seems like a pretty good spot! Turrialba volcano in the distance

I made my temporary goodbyes to the families and friends who have been nothing but amazing to me and made yet another transition to San Jose. I was comforted by good friends, guitars, National Geographic in Spanish and a little bit of Aztec chess. As I feel compelled to write a more exciting/life threatening story for my readers, I must say that this week was rather easy going and the definition of PURA VIDA.

So tune in next week as I regale in my future adventures in surfing the Pacific, traveling to Montezuma and living again in the rainforest. It’s gonna be a good one. Chau amigos.

3 thoughts on “Sleeping on Eggshells”

  1. I am reading and following you religiously. Your last story made me laugh out loud. When you’re an old crikety grandma like we talked about when greeting, you’ll have great stories! Be careful, girl. Keep living your dream

  2. Hey Kayla, Glad to hear you took it a little easy this past week. Who could rest with snakes, spiders etc. Certainly not me. Looking forward to your next adventure. Have a great trip. Be safe, Have fun. Love you very much. Aunt Jeannie

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