About Me

If someone told me to describe myself in one word, I don’t think it would be possible.
Teacher, student, CEO, river guide, firefighter, EMT, climber, kayaker, adrenaline junkie, explorer, wanderer, or just plain lost, would be a decent start. I have tried on a few different hats throughout these past few years though none of them seemed to fit too perfectly. Like a river, my life is full of twists and turns. Quite honestly, I never know where my next endeavor will lead me. However, that is exactly what makes it all the more exciting.

Formally educated at Kutztown University, I completed my degree with a bachelors in Elementary Education, a minor in Spanish, and a concentration in Reading Education. My education took me south to Costa Rica where I continued to strengthen my Spanish speaking skills. From there, I went forth and obtained my kindergarten through 12th grade ESL certification and taught in inner-city schools in Philadelphia.

This upcoming school season, begins my latest and most exciting adventure ever. My journey will continue in Costa Rica where I will be working with multiple schools across the country, both urban, rural, and indigenous. It is an open, free-form position that seems to fit me. This site will be a collection of my endeavors as I proceed to make my goals turn into reality. I hope you enjoy watching this one life unfold, evolve and expand.


Let the journey begin.