3…2…1…We Have Lift-Off


After a 7 mile trek from Ft. Lauderdale’s International Airport, I find myself sitting in a McDonalds in Hollywood, Florida. Sat down for the free water, free Wi-Fi and free air conditioning. Well, I’m going to buy a coffee now because I feel bad. This certainly was wasn’t the first hike I had intended on accomplishing, but never the less, it is still all a part of the journey.

Over the past few weeks, I have said my goodbyes to everyone dear to me back in Pennsylvania. But no matter how hard the goodbye, I am certain the welcome back will be just as full of heart and even more so exciting. I am completely ecstatic about the road ahead of me and I am even more so overwhelmingly flattered that you have decided to follow along with me on my adventure. Now it’s off to my very first meeting regarding Cross Cultural Connect!

Keep in touch, amigos. I love you all.

8 thoughts on “3…2…1…We Have Lift-Off”

  1. Best of luck on your future endeavors! I know you’ve set yourself up for great things! Go get ‘um! Safe travels <3

  2. I have it bookmarked. Have fun on your big adventure. Be safe and I will pray for your travels, happy trails! Love Mrs Machado

  3. Hate to see you go and excited for you at the same time. I have a feeling life has many fine adventures ahead in store for you. Make the most of them even if you learn what not to do.

  4. Kayla, Kayla, Always our adventurous niece. We never know what your up to next, all I know is we are very proud of you and love you very much. Uncle Terry and I surely have felt honored to be a part of your adventurous life. Follow your dreams, reach for the stars, yep, that’s what you do best! Enjoy, Love you and come home safe.

  5. Heard all about this blog yesterday! Can’t wait to follow you on your travels, dear cousin. Enjoy all your crazy adventures and know everyone here loves you!

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